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Who We Are

We are Fluen OpenSource Team, a group of cryptocurrency miners and software developers.

Fluen OpenSource Team was created by a few people with strong roots in OpenSource world. We strongly believe, that software should always be free (as in Freedom) meaning the source code is open and publicly available for all people. This ensures transparency, trust and better quality - simply all we do care about.


As a cryptocurrency miners we know how important the transparency is. Hidden fees, unknown variables, not-so-friendly vendors. With Fluen all that is gone. No more secrets, no more fear. Simplicity and freedom, this is what we are all about.


Trust is a key factor in any blockchain based project. All in all - the most important role of blockchain is to introduce Trust as an independent value. We create OpenSource code, so there is no need to trust. Simply grab the code and review it yourself!


We strongly believe in common sense and not C-Level management. Our motto is to "Let people do what they do best". Collaboration is the key. Together, we achieve way better quality than any smart CEO can ever dream about. Because we do care.


We are humans. Not robots or any other kind of AI. Despite all our experience in software development field, we make mistakes. And we learn from them, improving ourselves and our products every time mistake happens.

What We Do

FluenOS - free, independent, OpenSource cryptocurrency mining platform.

Fluen is an operating system and management platform dedicated for mining cryptocurrencies on GPU. FluenOS is based on Xubuntu Linux, but prepared with beginners in mind. There also is an online platform which allows You to manage all your mining Rigs from any place in the world (well, internet access is a limiting factor ;-)

FluenOS Linux

FluenOS Linux distribution is a reworked Xubuntu Linux. NVidia (CUDA) and AMD (OpenCL) drivers are included, so most of GPUs will work. There are some other tools on board that allow you to over clock cards, set fan speeds and many more.


You can run Fluen on only one mining Rig, but the full potential will show up at scale. We make Fluen to be simple and easy, but also powerful and efficient when dealing with hundreds of machines at the same time.


Mining Rigs are hot and require a good energy. That's why you probably don't keep them next to you at all times. With Fluen Online Platform, you can manage and monitor all of them from anywhere you like.

Everything you need

Fluen comes as a complete solution. There is no need to configure additional software or install anything by hand (like miners). We provide you with update mechanisms, so your rigs are always up to date. And always mining!

Fluen Online Platform

No matter how many rigs you have, always find them in web based application. Simply Love Fluen! Fluen Platform lets you monitor and manage everything from your browser. No need to access rig directly.

Mobile Access

Fluen Online Platform is a responsive site, so it's easy to use it from your Mobile Devices. Soon, we are gonna be working on a dedicated Mobile App to make mobile experience even better. Stay tuned.

Fluen Community

Do you like Fluen? Become part of Fluen Community! It's free, open and friendly.

Without people like you, it doesn't matter what we do. We want to hear from you! Share your opinions, criticism, whatever it is you want to say. Become a part of Fluen Community and make crypto mining a safer, better and even more enjoyable place. The best place to connect is our Slack Workspace.

In case you don't feel like talking with us, but still want to contribute, consider donation. It's your call, we simply say "Thank you" every time you decide to donate.


Contact Us

Get in touch. Feel free to drop a line, we are listening.

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