History of Fluen


BIOS download feature, voltage and core clock sliders and more:

  • New feature: From now on, you can download the BIOS from AMD devices. Simply click a cloud icon on flashing tab.
  • New feature: Voltage and Core Clock sliders are fully functional now. Enjoy!
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with restarting claymore so it doesn't start twice. Should be rock solid now.
  • Some minor changes in UI, as usual ;)
  • ... and many more smaller bug fixes

Mostly small fixes and one biggy:

  • Fixed bug in "Restarter", so rig doesn't restart itself during installation ;)
  • Added IP field in Rig view online
  • New Claymore version: 11.9
  • Improved mining speed on some rig configurations
  • Slightly changed UI for Flashing functionality
  • ... and many more smaller bug fixes

With this version, we introduced quite massive changes.
Some of the highlights:

  • Completely redesigned UI. New login/register screen, new settings panel, improved rigs view.
  • New feature: BIOS flashing for ATI GPUs.
  • New feature: Rig tags. From now on it's possible to assign as many tags for a rig as you wish
  • New feature: ReadOnly view. With one click you can create an URL matching choosen tag to create a read only view.
  • BugFix: Fixed some Grub issues.
  • BugFix: More than 10 GPUs are now handled properly.
  • ... and many more smaller bug fixes

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