Download FluenOS, with instructions


Grab your copy of FluenOS (ver. 0.99) [ full changelog ], you have 2 options:

Download ISO file

This is good, old .iso file which you can burn into usb/cd/dvd.
This allows you to install FluenOS on your hard drive.

Etcher is a pretty cool tool for burning stuff. Maybe give it a try (we don't have any relations with them, we just use their tool ourselves)
Download PBD file

This is entire disk image that allows you to extract it into ie. USB stick and run FluenOS directly, without installing. Not the fastest option, but the easiest for sure.

EasyUS is the tools to use here. Apparently it's a common choice for Windows users, so, well, why not...

Don't forget to Register your Fluen account
Take a look at Fluen Code. Pull requests more than welcome ;)

Disclaimer: Current version of FluenOS and Fluen Online Platform is under heavy development. Consier it to be "beta" version (some people call it pre-alpha :-p). It might have bugs. If that's the case - let us know!


... ok. Let's face it. Instructions are in deep woods for now. But stay tuned, coming soon.

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